Well, it happened

📷Wes eisenhauer caught me lookin’ all kinds of professional!

I’m going to give a Ted Talk!

Actually, I’ll be giving a TedX Sioux Falls talk in just a few weeks. May 4 to be precise. So planning and practice are in full force.

Tonight I made a prop for it with my mom, then we hugged and cried and had a really nice moment. During my talk I’m speaking about the value of mentorship, but wrapped up in the topic is also shimmery strands of story that can be hard to look at, like my own treatment of my mom and our relationship. I had been worried that talking about it with her would be hard, but she gave me her blessing and told me she has always appreciated the way I edit her.

I only hope I can do our entwined story the justice it deserves, for her and us and other mother-daughter immigrant-native born family pairs.

Learn more about the lineup and get tickets here: https://www.tedxsiouxfalls.com/

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