Well, that fucked me up

New year, new things on the horizon!

Today I was featured on an episode of the podcast “Well, that fucked me up!” produced by Like Colson and Kyle Wise. Billed as a “bite-size personal stories of surviving life changing experiences,” on this podcast hosts spend time with with people who have experienced intense traumas and lived to talk about it, not just in general, but with some insight as to how they worked through the experience and its fallout. Of course there are dark moments, but the end goal is to shine some light on how an event effed up a person but didn’t keep them down.

Luke interviewed me at the end of 2022, right around the 18th anniversary of my stroke. The end of the year is always a poignant time for me becuase of that near-death experience, but it doesn’t hit the same every year. This year, because of this interivew, I reflected on whether or not the lessons I had learned initially have stayed with me, nearly two decades later. At times I think I have lost some of my appreciation for life and health, so far away from the struggles I faced as I recovered. Other times I think I’ve lived up to my goals as I recovered to push myself every day to use my talents to do something with my life. But this back and forth sort of made me wonder if I was really the right person for this season’s opener. Am I still living in a way that would allow me to offer advice and insight to anyone working to overcome their own dark moments?

I’m excited to be a part of this podcast becuase Luke and Kyle take tough topics and try to find humor, light and joy in the look back at the incidents they discuss, and I hope you’ll check out this episode here, and give some of the others a listen.

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